Outstanding Topics of Discussion at the Galaxy-Halo Workshop

Assembly bias, and what is the definition of assembly bias?

Scatter in stellar to halo mass relation

Observational proxies for halo properties

Small scale modeling for cosmological constraints

Combining small hydro sims with larger cosmo sims

Velocity bias

Mock generation

Intrinsic alignements

Modeling baryons in the cosmological context

Halo definitions , outskirts, robust definitions of halos? How do we measure halos in N-body simulations?

What can cosmology hydro sims teach us?

Calibration and accuracy, reproducing the real universe?

M* - Mhalo relation

What is the effect of environment on the M*-Mhalo relation?

Dwarf galaxies, where doe the galaxy-halo connection fall apart

Are lensing and clustering consistent?

What is the total mass of galaxies?

Clusters, BCG modeling

Tuesday Moderated Discussions

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May 2nd:

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